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Accounting Processing & Scheduling :

When accounts are received for recovery, they are entered into the system and are automatically scheduled for action according to prescheduled assignment queues.

The system prints out a detailed acknowledgement report that will be submitted to clients for their records.

The accounts will be coded and assigned for contacts. The collection system will schedule the accounts on the collector’s queue for initial contact through a variety of follow-up techniques.

The system has the ability to display the patient/guarantor’s account balance history showing all transactions and all contact activity on the accounts as well as an up to date financial balance.

Accounting Tracking & Reports:


New clients will be assigned a client number for accounts referred. This will allow for the ability to provide flexible and detailed reporting of financial records and account tracking.

Account Collection Procedure:


As the accounts are entered into the system for collection they will be processed for initial validation of notice.
The notice is printed and mailed on the following work day.

Irving Kaplan & Associates strives to provide the highest level of effort with every account regardless of dollar amount, while providing the utmost regard for sensitivity and diplomacy in order to insure patient/guarantor goodwill and the client’s reputation. Our efforts are geared towards generating payment at the earliest possible time, which means employing various methods to expedite payments, such as:

  1. Overnight Mail.
  2. Walk-in Payments.
  3. Payment Plans.
  4. Check by Phone.
  5. Credit Cards.



Accounts that do net generate payments will continue to receive phone follow-ups and notices in an effort to resolve payment. When all efforts to collect fail we may institute legal action only with written consent from the client. This is an established process we have developed in order to ensure accuracy of client quality control. Again, this process only takes place after permission has been granted based on review by client. At no time will legal action be implemented without client’s consent. We advance all legal costs within the State of New Jersey.

Skip-Trace & Collection Process:


Irving Kaplan & Associates will skip-trace and locate debtors as needed based on mail returns and lack of telephone numbers and also for the purpose of non-compliance.

The method also allows for determination of the financial status of the debtor in order to identify the financial ability to successfully satisfy the debt.

Accounts Receivables and Procedures:


All payments received are logged by the accounting department on a daily basis and applied to each respective account in order to maintain accurate balance transaction records. Payment transaction reports are generated daily and maintained for an End-of-Month General accounting Transaction Report. Irving Kaplan & Associates provides clients with a detailed financial report on a regularly scheduled basis. Automatic reports are generated on a monthly basis; reports are also available upon request.

Criteria for Closing and/ 0r Returning Accounts:

  1. Accounts will be closed and returned when all efforts to locate the debtor are exhausted.
  2. When all efforts have been exhausted and the specified active status of account has run out.
  3. Due to Bankruptcy, death, or disability with no tangible assets.
  4. In addition, the client may recall accounts; however there may be circumstances when recommendation will be made that the account remain with the agency based on a promise of payment or active payments being received or due to legal status.


Irving Kaplan & Associates provides collection services at competitive rates.